2024 Topps Series One’s Top Chase Card Pulled From A Hanger Box

And another eBay Authenticity Guarantee loophole?

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2024 Topps Series One’s Top Chase Card Pulled From A Hanger Box

A viewer of my channel who goes by Sidez commented that he pulled the Elly De La Cruz 1/1 First Card variation. I asked him for pictures of it to share, and he pointed me to his YouTube channel. Better than pictures, he has a video of himself ripping the hanger box it came out of!

I thought this was really cool. His reaction is genuinely surprised and excited. (A lot of people did not enjoy his reaction, for what it’s worth.) Sidez told me that he has ripped about 80 hangers of Series One! He also has a Michael Jordan rookie (I assume he means the 1986 Fleer, because most still consider that the rookie), and the De La Cruz sits with that card for now. I asked if he’d be sending it off to Topps to get the First Card stamped on it since they forgot them, but he hasn’t responded yet. He did say that he might sell it to pay off some bills.

I shared the video on Twitter, and not everyone was thrilled that he pulled it from a retail pack:

JB’s argument is that the top chase cards should all be in hobby boxes. I strongly disagree, and JB does say in a later tweet that he was just kidding, but I’m not so sure.

What do you think?

Should top chase cards be in retail products?

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Yet Another eBay Authentication Guarantee Loophole?

It’s difficult to believe, but eBay sellers continue to find (potential) creative ways around the eBay authentication guarantee. I’ve already reported on loopholes a couple of times, but here’s a new one.

Is this, as the listing says, a “Hank Aaron baseball card”? Yes, indeed, it is! And it’s listed at exactly $250, to ensure the seller gains the trust of buyers who like that Authenticity Guarantee blue checkmark.

I imagine the scenario here is that the seller thinks this will slither through the authentication program because they haven’t lied in the title or description. Nowhere does it claim to be the 1954 Topps card.

My hope is that the seller made a mistake that will be caught by the authentication program: they seem to have copied a listing for a 1954 Topps Hank Aaron card, and neglected to remove the “Rookie” designation in the listing details:

It could be innocent, of course. The seller has only three other items for sale, and only one of them is a sports card. And they appear to have only sold two other items in the 18-month life of their eBay account.

I reached out to them to ask about the listing and will report back here if I hear back.

With Hobby News Daily reporting that PSA is taking over raw card authentication from CGC, I hope we’ll see some of these loopholes closed.

Upcoming Videos

I’m trying to close a story on a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan for a viewer, but I’m struggling with it. I’ll probably post it and hope for some post-video results.

I recorded a view on Chris Sewall’s channel that he will post as part of a series in May. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it was a blast, and I’ll be back on for at least one more.

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