Netflix's The Goldin Touch: The Rest of My Review

Plus: am I a bad influencer?

Before I get started, a friendly reminder that I’m on Hobbypalooza at 1pm on Saturday (the 22nd) on the 4 Collectors channel. My friend Oliver will be my guest and we’ll talk about the NBA finals, Willie Mays, and other stuff. Oh, and cards.

Last week I did a video review of the first six (of eight) episodes of the new season of Ken Goldin’s Netflix show, The King of Collectibles:

I watched the last two episodes and can confirm that it remained very entertaining. I stand by my assessment that most of it seems very staged by Netflix, but for the most part that doesn’t take away from the entertainment. If you like cool collectibles and great stories, you should watch it.

Things that happened in the last two episodes that I found noteworthy:

  • The “chase” for the Joel Embiid card with Ken Goldin in the background. Fun.

  • Ryan Krupa, somehow the Director of Consignment at Goldin despite his young appearance, inviting a consigning family to the office to watch the end of their Messi card auction.

  • The Ken Kendrick Collection. I think it was longtime subscriber and all-around nice guy Brian Wisz who commented on my review saying if I thought the T206 Wagner was amazing, then I was in for a treat at the end. I wondered, what could possibly be better? Well, it was the Ken Kendrick Collection. I won’t spoil it for you.

Bad Influencer?

I received an email from a subscriber (now former?) last week with the subject line, “Bad Influencer.” In it, this viewer excoriated me:

“I see you have drank from the PSA River,

I have been watching you and your group of hypocrites, I know you all work for PSA there's no way you should invest in a company that doesn't have not one certified grader.

Why in your interviews with the grading companies you don't ask about certified graders or traceability in the company.

Who's grading your cards??????..”

A few points and questions from me in response:

I have steadfastly criticized PSA in dozens and dozens of videos. Yes, I collect PSA-graded slabs for various reasons. I do not suggest that anyone else buy PSA and do not promote PSA products.

Who else is in my group of hypocrites?

I have never invested money in a hobby company.

I have never taken a penny from PSA, nor can I imagine a situation where I would. They’re too big, and I enjoy criticizing them way too much.

I interviewed Pete from SGC once, 16 months ago. That’s my only “interview with the grading companies” that I can think of.

What is a certified grader?

What is traceability?

PSA employs the same levels of people as SGC and CGC.

I like and appreciate constructive criticism. I am a much better content creator today thanks to a lot of constructive criticism I have received from viewers. Come with some facts and we can talk.

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