PSA Has No Plan For The Flow Lines Issue

Plus: the Vermont Collection was hiding 2 T205s!

A couple of weeks ago I covered PSA’s “flow lines” problem with their new slab. I have a source at PSA and I had reached out to them at the time, but they are very seldom available where I know how to reach them. But I did finally hear back.

First, though, in case you missed it, here’s the video:

I asked my PSA source if PSA had a plan to handle it. Remember, Nat Turner told me that they did, and to stay tuned. My source seems to contradict that:

“So it is only present on the newest holders. It is something that we are looking into. But there is no eta for a fix yet. None of the holders we received in the last 3 years of testing had the issue. It’s just the production ones that do. So they are trying to figure out what happened.”

I asked if maybe there was an interim solution, since Nat alluded to one, and I’d seen one example of someone getting free reholder service. Apparently there isn’t an interim solution either:

“Not that I’m aware of. I asked why not go back to the OG slabs until the issue is resolved. But apparently that’s not an option. I hope it gets done soon though. Because I have 5 or 6 big cards that have been put in this new holder. And like everyone else those marks just kill me.”

PSA employees: hating the new PSA slabs just like you and me.

Meanwhile, 99% of you feel like the flow lines would bother you, per last week’s newsletter poll:

Upcoming Videos

I’m still planning on doing a recap of the fake PMG.

And let’s not forget about the new list series I’ve been promising for 2.5 months!

Also a video where I open a bunch of 1980s traded sets from the Vermont Collection, looking for the best cards for my PSA registry set for Mike Payne’s Top 100 Cards of the 1980s.

Speaking of the Vermont Collection, at some point in July I’ll do a big recap video where I share the best cards I’ve found. In the meantime, I hope this will whet your appetite:

If planning to sell these, would you grade them with:

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Channel Highlights From the Past Week

I talked about “the worst card ever,” which John Keating of That Seventies Card Show had won during my livestream.

From March through May I had a sponsor for Attic Find Friday, but I ended that as good sports-related topics became sparse and I wanted to do what are probably unsponsorable videos about “attic finds” that I enjoy. This week’s was about a cool Apple II game find:

Those videos don’t get a lot of views (1,200 for that one, compared to 3,000 at a minimum for a sports card one), but the response is extremely positive from those who do watch.

My Pickup Of The Week

Look at all the problems with this listing. Distant photo. No mention of grade or grading company.

I snagged it for well under asking price.

Video with my plan for it as soon as I receive it.

And another newsletter this week covering the end of King of Collectibles.


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